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Name:28, clumsy & shy.
Location:Lancashire / Tornedalen / Västra Götaland / Wherever, (states/regions/territories)

(because not everywhere is a commercial space)

Interests (99):

1920s, 1930s, abandoned buildings, accordions, activism, androgyny, animal rights, anti-capitalism, anti-consumerism, antiques, architecture, arts & crafts, aurora borealis, autodidacticism, avoiding facebook, avoiding the tellingbone, baking, beer, billiards/pool/snooker, botanophobia, campaign for real ale, clumsy critters, creative commons, creativity, design, dictionaries & encyclopaedias, doggies, environment, environmentalism, ethnobotany, etymology, fauna & flora, feminism, flappers, folk art, folk music, folklore, foraging, freeganism, garlic, genderqueer, gramophones & 78s, greenpeace, handicrafts, human ecology, knitting, latitude & longitude, libraries, literature, little old ladies, log cabins, longboarding, low-impact living, lowriders & cruisers, luleå hockey, manners, metalworking, microbreweries, misanthropy, my family & friends, napping/sleeping/snoozing, narrowboats, norse mythology, off-grid, old fashioned, oldies & goldies, permaculture, poi, politics, preferring animals to people, primitivism, procrastination, queer, real ale, recycling, religious imagery, rewilding, sauna, self-imposed solitude, self-sufficiency, skiing, snow, snowboarding, snowshoeing, spatula paws, style, surfing, sustainability, tea, tornedalen/tornionlaakso, travelling, treehouses, veganism, vegetarianism, wilderness, woodworking, , , ♪♫
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